Each of us has so much value simply through our unique experiences, reflections, passions, and insights.

However, we have a pitiful selection of education, career, and lifestyle options we’re told to pick from and be defined by. If we can’t fit into a track, we’re cast aside and scorned. I know firsthand.

To counter this, we might become an entrepreneur to try to define our own value. However, we still get locked into limitations. We’re told we must do things a specific way or abide by a certain formula. If our model falls outside these parameters, then we might find our business isn’t viable.

We’re back in the same place. And the dilemma remains..

Can we build a financially viable business model that provides maximum value to others by simply being ourselves, as we are, and as we live?

Or more simply…can we build a simple business around us?

This is our challenge. This is what we’ll explore on this site.



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