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Perspective Analysis

An essential step in designing a self-business is mapping out our perspective in detail. This includes our goals, vision, outlook, priorities, interests, and challenges.┬áBy doing such an inventory, we can a better idea of who we are, what we are, our path, and how we see the world. A lot of times, we simply don’t […]

A Company Designed Around You

As the world goes through advancement after advancement, the fabric that holds the world as we know it is starting to shred apart. Careers, lifestyles, and options for work are losing their static identity. The monolithic companies and monolithic career tracks could start to open up, replaced to a large extent by lean, flexible adaptable […]

Welcome to Offer Myself!

Welcome to our blog! This website is designed to help provide resources for you to develop a financially viable solopreneur business that is modeled around who we are and our life journey. Each one of us has tremendous value to offer others through the insight we gain each day while pursuing our life purpose. Current […]