Welcome to Offer Myself!

Welcome to our blog! This website is designed to help provide resources for you to develop a financially viable solopreneur business that is modeled around who we are and our life journey.

Each one of us has tremendous value to offer others through the insight we gain each day while pursuing our life purpose.

Current career and business tracks however are extremely limited in scope. They give us very little room to fully express our value, let alone get paid for doing so.

We thus either fit-in or get shunned. The pain of being a social outcast is brutal. But the pain of compromising our value is also brutal.

So we’re stuck. So how can we each develop a business that truly is aligned with our life journey?

Is it even possible?

I thus start this website, not with answers, but with this question.

I look forward to unfolding and unraveling this answer with you.


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