We’re Ready…As We Are

We already have what it takes. It’s all in there, inside us. The rest we’ll pick up along the way

Our Journey is our Value

Leverage our life — our decades of challenges, triumphs, and insights — to provide value to others. Our premise is our value comes from our ongoing journey, not a finished product. It’s not about a perfect product, service, realization, or conclusion. Rather, it is about our questions, discovery, recoveries, and process that can most uplift and inspire our customers.

We should want to grow with our customers, not above them.

It Starts with Us

Stirring innovation, piercing depth, and essential, artistic value comes only when we are able to tap into the spirit within us.

We thus eschew a customer-first business model. Instead we focus on a self-first model.

We want an alternative to design thinking and lean business models that overly focus on the customer and market. As opposed to these frameworks, we want to give primary weight to self-expression and personal calling over product/market fit.

Qualifications are Dead

Life and work should be far more than accumulating a collection of titles, scores, certificates, honors, achievements and medals. What truly is of value to others is what we cultivate on the inside — including sensitivity, outlook, insight, clarity, fortitude and maturity.

Business is about Shrewd Work

Perhaps the most important business lesson I have learned, from my own life and from observing others, is that both hard work and smart work are insufficient. Yes, quite insufficient.

I’ve seen, and experienced, time and time again, working extremely hard and exceptionally smart does not in and of themselves make a business financially viable.In fact, smart and hard work can actually get in the way.

So what is it really about?

Shrewd work. A savvy, shrewd business mindset is essential. Whether you fully agree or not, it’s hard to deny there’s truth here. I would go so far to state the very definition of business is “being shrewd”. Shrewd simply means knowing how to leverage our value for our desire. It’s especially important in light of the project’s principles.

I’m personally not that shrewd…perhaps I never will be. But I feel I can now recognized its value.